me myself and iphone.

nomadic wanderings of a 20-something female. (✿◠‿◠)

on top of the world !

viva la revolucion !

hola mexicooooo

world war II throwback. (dresden, germany)

dachau concentration camp. (outside dachau, germany)

saint catherine’s monastery. (sinai peninsula, egypt)

cuties at the east side gallery.

east side gallery. (berlin, germany)

east side gallery. (berlin, germany)

sinai roadtrip.

sun is shining in sinai. (sinai peninsula, egypt)

enjoying the sites in sinai. (sinai peninsula, egypt)

reconstructive surgery. (giza, egypt)

rubble amongst the pyramids and sphinx. (giza, egypt)

basilica di santa maria del fiore. (florence, italy)

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